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Audit & Correspondence Service Protection Plan


What is Rizzolo Group's Audit & Correspondence Service Protection Plan?

Each year the IRS randomly selects certain tax returns for audit.  Unfortunately, in an era of escalating trillion dollar federal deficits, they are becoming alarmingly aggressive and your chances of an audit increase every year.  The IRS is also scrutinizing tax returns more so than ever.  The result of this increased scrutiny is an ever rising volume of letters and notices which require timely responses.  Tax preparation fees do not cover any services should your tax return be audited or if you receive a letter or notice requiring a response.  Depending upon the complexity of your return and the type of audit or correspondence, the cost of audit representation can range from $300 to as much as $5,000 or more determined by the complexity of the audit and the response time involved.  Responding to letters and notices can cost hundreds.  Rizzolo Group's Audit & Correspondence Service Protection Plan is the only way to minimize your financial risk in the event of a federal or state audit.  The annual cost of the plan is 20% of the year's tax preparation fee.


Why we offer this service

For 24 years Rizzolo Group has handled IRS audits and responded to IRS letters and notices on behalf of our clients.  We stand firmly behind our work and continue to offer such services eagerly and with pride.  In prior years we were able to absorb the cost of these services and only charge for additional time required for particularly complicated responses and major audit representation.  Unfortunately, given the increasing frequency of notices and audits, we are no longer able to do so.  The Audit & Correspondence Service Protection Plan is a cost effective way of reducing your audit representation costs in the face of increasingly aggressive IRS action.

If you purchase this service when you pick up your tax return or within 30 days of its completion and the IRS audits your return or you receive any letters or notices, we will handle the matter for you at no additional charge.  If you decide not to purchase this service, we will still be more than happy to represent you.  We will, however, have to bill you at our normal hourly rates.  Our Audit & Correspondence Service Protection Plan covers our services to handle an audit of your 2014 income tax return (including letters and notices) and eliminates any financial risk of representation fees regardless of when the IRS selects our return for audit or sends you letters or notices.


What does this service include?

  1. The cost of handling any tax correspondence if the IRS or any other tax agency questions and individual item on your return.
  2. The cost for time to produce extra copies of your tax return if you misplace your origional or need and extra copy for your bank, financial aid form, etc.
  3. The cost of handling an audit for this tax return.  This will cover our time at the review and examination levels.

This plan does not cover any out-of-pocket travel costs, additional assessments, penalties or interest.  It also does not cover the cost of appealing an adverse audit result.


Important Notice

This plan is only available up to 30 days after completion of your 2013 tax return.  It does not include amended tax returns.

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